Marketing Executive

Msmp Technologies Private Limited

S-699, Sanskriti Enclave, Eldeco Colony, Udyan-2 Raebareli Road, Lucknow,
Lucknow, - 226025
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Position:    Marketing Executive
Location:   Remote / WFH
Engagement:    Full time
Company:  MSMP Technologies

Job Description
We are a startup software firm. At the moment we are looking to fill a marketing position in our company.

Primary responsibilities will include

Brand marketing and establishment
Business development
Getting the projects
Build long term customer relationship
Procuring  clients
Presentations, demos to promote the business
Online and in-person marketing

Quick learners with excellent communication skills
Although no prior work experience is needed, having related past experience is big plus. We will provide necessary training to do the job function.

All we need are thinkers, innovative, enthusiastic candidate with right mindset and basic computer knowledge who can add value to business.

Computer graduates/ Diploma/BCA/MCA/BE/MBA

Fix monthly pay  15k + 600 for Wifi + 200 for phone recharge
Variable Pay  20% commision on revenue you generate over 15k

Variable pay illustration with an example

You generate 55k revenue for the company in a month and MSMP receives full payment from the customer in the same month

Your commision  will be calculated  as below

55k - 15k =40k

20% of 40k = 8k

Commission will be paid monthly and projects will be considered for commission in the month MSMP receives the full payment.

In this example your salary in that month will be = fix pay  + variable pay

15k + 600 + 200 + 8k =23,800

You must have your own laptop/desktop and cellphone to perform work.

Interested candidates can send their resumes to